Company History

Wilfred ("Bill") J. Meckel II founded Marque Millennium Capital Management in 1990.  The firm was incorporated in Delaware on September 21, 1990 and registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor under the Investment Advisors Act of 1940, on December 13, 1990.  

Mr. Meckel founded Marque Millennium with the objective of providing institutional investors a blend of consistent investment analysis utilizing sophisticated quantitative analysis combined with a strict portfolio discipline.  This approach yields investment decisions made in the ever more volatile equity markets of today that are objective and unemotional.  Marque Millennium began managing its first domestic equity account for a US tax-exempt client in November 1990.

Messrs. Kris Kaufman and Doug Frick of Parallax Financial Research worked with us to develop our quantitative research programs currently used in our investment process. They have built artificial intelligence financial screening algorithms based on both classical valuation methods, and the tenets of Behavioral Finance.  Kris is a former senior geophysicist for a Halliburton subsidiary, and Doug is a professional computer scientist.  Both have worked with Marque Millennium continuously since the early '90's.